May 2012

The Canon 7D Capturing Solar panels from 1,000 feet in the air

Solar Panel installation by Beaumont Solar in New Bedford

 I did get some amazing images from the CPS trial Canon 7D.

 In reviewing on-line feedback for the 7d, it does warrant a thorough understanding of the functionality, especially regarding “focus” as it can give variable results.One can produce high quality videos in conjunction with still images.   It has a  cropped sensor, which may appeal to some users; especially those who want to add ~30% to their telephoto focal length.  Next I will look at the Canon 5d Mark III, which has a larger sensor size and 21mp.  Next blog will discuss “Pixels are not created equal!”


More on Animato

In my previous post, I uploaded a video created by Animato.  It is a creative app for easily generating slideshows with diverse background music.  This a great idea for making interesting and flashy slide shows in a few minutes.  The cost point is reasonable for what you are receiving and you can quickly download the application from Animato’s website. 

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