Aerials of Boston from the Prudential Center on Marathon Day 2010

I created a short video on Boston with images taken from the top of the Prudential Building.  The Boston Marathon coincided with my shoot.  We were near the finish line.  Using Animato, an application which generates videos easily is demonstrated on You Tube.

Learn about Animato

Yesterday was the Boston Marathon.  In my last post, I used Animato to create  a video.

This is an amazing easy application to use.  Check it out today!

More on Animato

In my previous post, I uploaded a video created by Animato.  It is a creative app for easily generating slideshows with diverse background music.  This a great idea for making interesting and flashy slide shows in a few minutes.  The cost point is reasonable for what you are receiving and you can quickly download the application from Animato’s website. 

The Canon 7D Capturing Solar panels from 1,000 feet in the air

Solar Panel installation by Beaumont Solar in New Bedford

 I did get some amazing images from the CPS trial Canon 7D.

 In reviewing on-line feedback for the 7d, it does warrant a thorough understanding of the functionality, especially regarding “focus” as it can give variable results.One can produce high quality videos in conjunction with still images.   It has a  cropped sensor, which may appeal to some users; especially those who want to add ~30% to their telephoto focal length.  Next I will look at the Canon 5d Mark III, which has a larger sensor size and 21mp.  Next blog will discuss “Pixels are not created equal!”


Solar Panel Aerials
School in New Bedford

Solar Panel Installation

In the past 12 months, I have been doing several aerials of solar panel installations around New England. While going to an installation site, with my coordinates plugged into the plane’s GPS you might think  this is an easy maneuver. In actuality, there are more and more solar panel buildings being installed which is good news for companies like  Beaumont Solar, located in New Bedford Massachusetts.  I simply need to capture the buildings I am paid to fly over!

Congratulations 2012 Seniors!

I have created a Special Edition 2012 Video in honor of all the wonderful Seniors who posed for me over the last 12 months.  Auvergne Studios thanks you for allowing me to capture your unique qualities in a Senior Class Picture.  Portraiture in a creative and personal process which lasts for 1-2 hours.  Post-processing after the shoot requires the ability to retouch without altering the basic contours in one’s face, eyes, and expression.  I hope that you are satisfied with how I presented you in this video.  May your Journey continue and soar to new Heights!!

Nancy Evans offers Senior Class Portraiture in all of Metro-west Boston including Dover, Sherborn, Wellesley, Natick, Medfied, Millis, Milford, Needham, Newton, Norfolk, Westwood, Cambridge, Waltham, Weston, Wayland, Sudbury, Framingham,  Marlboro and Chestnut Hill.

There are instructions on my website’s  senior page highlighting suggestions and clothing tips as you prepare for your portrait sitting. I schedule my appointments toward the end of the day, when the sun is lower in the sky.  As the sun sets, the light offers a beautiful, rich and golden glow, with shadows and depth of color.

RFA/Haiti Fundraiser
  • Fundraiser collage

    Fun and Fundraising at ThePaintBar Jubne 23, 2012

    Wonderful fundraiser last evening for Restavec Freedom Alliance. Thank you so much to all who attended. The owner Jill Schon and her artist daughter Jackie donated $500 in the form of a check to RFA.  We had a fabulous time painting funky bottles with wonderful friends.  ThePaintBar  located in Newton, Ma offers a pleasant atmosphere for adults to let their “inner artist” come out and paint.  I attended a birthday party in March there.

    When I heard The PaintBar was fundraiser friendly I instantly decided to set up an event for my my much loved organization , RFA/haiti. Ellen Donohue Graber, Director of  the 501(c)3 organization is dedicated to providing relief for the Restavec children, children who are “given” to families and used as slaves in Haiti. Our mission is to offer a safe, stable, family centered environment for these children so that each child can receive the childhood they deserve – nothing like their life as a Restavec. Each child will have access to an education, medical support, loving care, psychiatric care, and adequate food, clean water and sanitary facilities. I just designed  a poster and will be adding a slide show soon!
RFA/Haiti Fundraising Event in Newton, MA

I became involved in the RFA/Haiti organization in April of 2011.  It has been a life changing experience for me.  RFA/Haiti helps give lives back to young children who were former slaves working in the homes of families, not their own.  They receive  neither education, adequate food, shelter nor the love that all children deserve and need.

RFA/Haiti  provides a loving home to 16 children, run by Pastor and Mme. LaFume, in Chantal, a small town outside Les Cayes in Haiti’s southern peninsula.  Fund-raising is an ongoing effort as is monthly visits to Chantal to provide support to the children and their home parents.

We ran a wonderful fundraiser at ThePaintBar in Newton MA and helped raise $500 for the children of RFA.


First Senior Shoot of the Season

I have 2 exciting senior class portraits to do tomorrow. With 2 Speedlite 600 rts working side by side, and the Mark iii, should be spectacular. We will let you know.

2012 Year in Review

This has been THE year year for doing diverse solar panel aerials for major corporations. During Auvergne Studio’s aerial flights throughout 2012, we have seen reflections on land from every corner. Adventurous is an understatement. It has become increasingly obvious that organizations are more and more green-conscious. Detailed preparation to pin-point our sites is crucial. Commercial, civic, academic, and private clients are joining en masse acknowledging the inherent benefits of our planet’s brightest star to sustain us.

Beaumont Solar co.

Solar Panel Installation


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