RFA/Haiti Fundraiser

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    Fun and Fundraising at ThePaintBar Jubne 23, 2012

    Wonderful fundraiser last evening for Restavec Freedom Alliance. Thank you so much to all who attended. The owner Jill Schon and her artist daughter Jackie donated $500 in the form of a check to RFA.  We had a fabulous time painting funky bottles with wonderful friends.  ThePaintBar  located in Newton, Ma offers a pleasant atmosphere for adults to let their “inner artist” come out and paint.  I attended a birthday party in March there.

    When I heard The PaintBar was fundraiser friendly I instantly decided to set up an event for my my much loved organization , RFA/haiti. Ellen Donohue Graber, Director of  the 501(c)3 organization is dedicated to providing relief for the Restavec children, children who are “given” to families and used as slaves in Haiti. Our mission is to offer a safe, stable, family centered environment for these children so that each child can receive the childhood they deserve – nothing like their life as a Restavec. Each child will have access to an education, medical support, loving care, psychiatric care, and adequate food, clean water and sanitary facilities. I just designed  a poster and will be adding a slide show soon!
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