Senior Portraits

A senior session with Nancy is anything but ordinary.  We’ll travel or meet at specified locations (in one general AREA) during your shoot to capture a wide variety of poses and looks.

Almost all of my teen sessions take place on location, outdoors.  My favorite spots include Elm Bank and Wellesley College, Sherborn’s Rocky Narrows and the Connors’ Center in Dover.  Directions will be given prior to our shoot.  We also can meet at one of your favorite spots.
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Clothing-  I want to capture your personality and wearing your own comfortable clothing will help me do that.  An appealing look for young women is a simple long sleeve black or complimentary solid top that works for you. But remember, you should feel comfortable in whatever you wear. I don’t recommend sleeveless shirts unless your arms are muscular or you are trying to make a statement. When in doubt  bring a few outfits, and I’ll see how they look. Keep stripes and plaids to a minimum for everyone  Guys usually wear khaki’s, jeans and either solid complimentary colored golf shirts, polo shirts or whatever else that suits you.  Try to avoid stripes if possible and bring a few different shirts.

We take about 30-45 minutes and a few chosen spots within the location.  If the weather is uncooperative then I will contact you  with a rain date. Cloudy days are fine, but a downpour will mess up my equipment.  Fore more information, please contact me at 508-655-8089 and also browse through the examples below.

Some Final Suggestions:

•Get a good night’s sleep the night before your session.

•Wear clothes that fit. If you wear long sleeves avoid wrinkles.

•Guys should try to have a fresh shave for your portrait.

•We have the capability of digitally correcting skin problems, glass glare, and removing braces if necessary. Quotes for digital corrections may be provided upon request.

Testimonials and feedback from current and past clients will provide more information about Auvergne Studios’ services.