Aerial art

No Small Wonder Why I am passionate about Photography: Photographs freeze a moment.

It is no small wonder why I am hooked on the process of photography. Photographs tell a story.  The story of our lives can be captured through photography.  Photographs physically freeze action and deliver a slice of a moment.  Once my finger is released from the shutter, an image is frozen forever.  Birth, growth, nature, action, destruction, chaos and splendor are etched by way of photography.  Photographs create memories, emotions, documentation, history and permanency.

I created the collage below, knitting together more than 30 elements, symbolizing historical and real events in the town of Natick, Massachusetts in metro-west Boston.  So many of us engage in the art of photography.  Photographs connect generations passed to the future.  Fleeting moments are preserved.  Light, and the absence of it, are factors affecting photography.  Photographs are transformed as light either augments or diminishes.

It is no small wonder why my eyes are trained to survey life and events  surrounding me. I specialize in Aerial photography.  Natural light is the only light available or appropriate for pictures taken at 1,000 ft and above.

I’m grateful to my paying customers, who create opportunities for me to engage in what I love, photography.  Photographs are used to demonstrate completion of tasks, used for marketing products, both on the web and for publication.  I am hired to capture aerial views of estates for sales purposes.   On a more personal side, photographs are shared as gifts,  keepsakes and  souvenirs for generations past and future.

And finally, it is no small wonder that I  commit to offer my personal best through the art of photography.  Photographs are the best physical means to reflect our world, our people, our widlife, our faith and our rich natural resources.

5x3 Spring Collage 2006

Solar Panel Aerials
School in New Bedford

Solar Panel Installation

In the past 12 months, I have been doing several aerials of solar panel installations around New England. While going to an installation site, with my coordinates plugged into the plane’s GPS you might think  this is an easy maneuver. In actuality, there are more and more solar panel buildings being installed which is good news for companies like  Beaumont Solar, located in New Bedford Massachusetts.  I simply need to capture the buildings I am paid to fly over!

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